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Do I need to open a brokerage account at KGI in order to subscribe to the Savings Plan?

Yes, only KGI clients can subscribe to the Savings Plan. For non-KGI clients, we will open a KGI Trading Account for you when we receiving your Application Form for the HK Stocks Savings Plan.

Where can I obtain the Application Form?

You have the following ways to get a copy of the Application Form:

  1. If you are an existing KGI client, click here to download the form.
    if you are new KGI client#, click here to download (i) Account Opening Form (Individual/Joint Account) or (ii) Account Opening Form (Corporate Account) and (iii) HK Stocks Savings Plan Application Form.
    # You have read, understand and accept the terms of the Client Agreement of KGI Asia Ltd.

  2. Physical form from our head office, branches

  3. Please call our 24-hour InvestLine at (852) 2878-5555 and send a request to us by fax, E-mail or post to get a physical form.

How do I subscribe?

Please complete and sign the Application Form as instructed, then submit it together with the following documents:

Documents Existing KGI Clients New KGI Clients
1. Completed and signed Direct Debit Authorization Form Yes Yes
2. Your crossed cheque made payable to "KGI Asia Limited" of an amount equal to the first two-month monthly contributions Yes Yes
3. Completed and signed Account Opening Form No Yes
4. Copy of Hong Kong ID Card(s) or Passport(s) of all account holder(s) No Yes
5. Copy of utility bill(s) (e.g. phone, gas or electric) registered under account holder(s) No Yes

The original of the Application Form and the required documents should be delivered or returned by post to:

HK Stocks Savings Plan Application Team
KGI Asia Limited
41/F Central Plaza,
18 Harbour Road,
Hong Kong

Can I fax the completed Application Form to get a quick processing of the application and mail the original of the Application Form and the required documents later?

No, you must send the the completed and signed original of the Application Form together with the required documents by post, or drop them off at our branches/ road shows.

Is there a subscription deadline for each month to meet the upcoming payment date?

If you have submitted the completed Application Form with the required documents on or before 20th of the month, your Savings Plan will become effective on the 8th of next month. Otherwise, the effective date will be set on the 8th of the month following the next.

If the 8th of the month is not a working day (i.e. a day other than Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday), the effective date will be delayed to the next working day.

Can I choose any Hong Kong Stocks on the HK Stocks Savings Plan?

Yes,you can select any of Hang Seng Index Constituent Stocks plus many others. Click here to see the full list.

What is the minimum monthly contribution on the Savings Plan?

The minimum monthly contribution for each selected stock is HKD1,000 or above multiples of HKD500. You can have different monthly contribution amounts for each selected stock.

What is the monthly transaction fee?

It is 0.25% each monthly contribution or HKD 50 each selected stock and whichever is higher, it includes the stamp duty, transaction levy and CCASS fee.

Monthly contributions and monthly transaction fees of a selected list of stocks for a particular month are as follows:

Stock Code Monthly Contribution Monthly Transaction Fee
00001 HKD1,000 HKD50
00008 HKD2,000 HKD50
00066 HKD3,000 HKD50
Total: HKD6,000 HKD150

How many shares of the selected stock(s) will be allocated to me?

The net amount the transaction fee substracted from the monthly contribution is will be invested into the relevant stock selected by you based on the relevant stock purchase price on the Fixing Date. The number of shares of the selected stock will be rounded down to the nearest whole number of shares.

What is the Purchase Price?

The Purchase Price of a particular stock will be determined by its closing price on the relevant Fixing Date based on the information provided by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited on their website under "Daily Quotations".

What is the Fixing Date?

The third trading day of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited ("HKEx") after the Payment Date.

Where Where are my purchased shares/ units allocated from this Savings Plan?

The number of shares of the selected stock will be allocated to your Trading Account.

How long does it take to receive the confirmation after I submit the application?

Upon receipt of all required documents and cheques, the application procedure normally takes 14 working days to complete. By then, you will receive a confirmation letter.

Is there a minimum or maximum subscription period?