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Electronic trading system, provides HK Futures, Index Options & Global Futures trading service.

Online trading system, provides HK Stocks, US Stocks, Taiwan Stocks, China B-shares & Mutual Fund trading service.    Trading Demo

Mobile trading system, provides
HK Stock trading service.

Electronic trading system, provides HK Stock Option trading service.

Electronic trading system, provides HK Stock trading service and streaming quotes.

Mobile application of two-factor authentication for login and generate offline password.
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eIPO Application Services

Will I receive confirmation after making an eIPO application?

KGI will not send any confirmation notification after we receive your application. However, you can check your application status on WebTrade.

How do I know whether my eIPO application is successful or not?

You can check your account status for share allotments results or call our 24-hours InvestLine at (852) 2878-5555 or contact your Investment Representative.

How can I get a refund for a wholly or partially unsuccessful eIPO application?

If your application is wholly or partially unsuccessful, the excess fund will be directly credited back into your Trading Account on the refund date as announced by the issuers.

Will I receive physical share certificates if my application is successful? How do I receive the allotted shares if my application is successful or partially successful?

Before IPO's first trading day, the allotted shares will be deposited to your securities account so that the shares could be sold on the first day of listing.

Can I amend or cancel my IPO application via WebTrade?

No, once you have submitted the application and confirmed the details, you cannot amend any application details or cancel your application through WebTrade. Applicants of the full payment could call our 24-hours nvestLine at (852) 2878-5555 or contact your Investment Representative for amendment and cancellation. Amendment and cancellation are allowed only before 17:00 (IHKT) on working days preceding the application deadline.

Can I submit more than one application for the same IPO?

No. Multiple applications or suspected multiple applications will be rejected.

RMB IPO Application Services

Can I apply for RMB IPO through margin financing?

No. KGI currently does not provide margin financing for applications of RMB IPO. You must have sufficient of RMBs* to fully pay for the RMB IPO application.

* If you need to make exchange for RMBs, KGI will only provide you with the RMBs needed for the IPO application.

Can I pay for the RMB IPO application by RMB cheque?

Yes*. But it should be presented to a bank designated by KGI to process at or before 15:45 (HKT) one business day before KGI's deadline for subscription of RMB IPO Shares.

* KGI will only accept RMB cheque drawn on your account with a licensed bank in Hong Kong

When is KGI's deadline for subscription of RMB IPO Shares?

KGI's deadline for subscription to the relevant Public Offer is 12:00 (HKT) of the business day.

How much is the handling fee on RMB IPO application?

The handling fee on RMB IPO application is RMB 100.

What currency shall I use to pay the fees and charges associated with RMB IPO subscription?

You need to pay the SFC levy, SEHK trading fee and other fees (such as brokerage commission) in RMB.